Saturday, March 15, 2014

Vegan and Irish

St. Patty's Day weekend in Boston - today everyone and their mother was at the grocery store buying corn beef and cabbage.  And beer.  Last year I went to the parade with friends, but I won't be doing that again this year.  Even after experiencing March 17th four times at Providence College, I found it pretty hectic.  Although it doesn't really seem like St. Pat's without a parade.  I marched in one every year when I was younger, first as a Girl Scout and then with the marching band.  I think I can still play the Irish March on my flute from memory.  I can definitely whistle it.

This year, I'll be cooking up an Irish dinner and gearing up for a hectic week at work instead.  I scoured the internet for some simple yet tasty-sounding vegan renditions of classic Irish recipes.  I went with shepherd's pie and oven roasted garlic cabbage.  For the shepherd's pie I don't plan on including the gravy- just not my thang.  I also already whipped up a mint chocolate mousse topped with crumbled mint oreos, by using this recipe minus the pie crust and vegan cool whip.  I will provide some photos of the results, but I'm sure the meal will be grand.

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