Saturday, March 1, 2014

My Whole Foods Addiction

It's March 1st - we're so close to Spring, but I'll try not to get too excited, since the forecast is for snow on Monday.  I'm currently laying in bed with my two snuggly cats, writing out my grocery list and listening to Keane, a band which takes me back to college.  Back then I lived in an apartment with three of my best friends, and we would take weekly shopping trips to Shaw's Market in Providence.  Somehow it recently came up in a conversation at work that people hate grocery shopping.  I love my weekly groceries trips and always have, since the days when it first became a ritual with my roommates.  I love perusing the aisles, humming along with the grocery-store music, seeing the same people each week, and returning home to stock my cabinets for the week.  Back in college I shopped at Shaw's.  In Phoenix I frequented a few places - Safeway, Sprout's, and Trader Joe's.  Now that I'm back in New England I prefer Shaw's Star Market, which has a sizable health food section.  I also live quite close to a Whole Foods, and to jump on the bandwagon with the rest of the veg-friendly population, it has become my new fave.  Yep, it can be expensive, but Whole Foods carries more of the items I can eat.  Here's what I love about it:

1.  To start, Whole Foods has the best produce that I've seen (in stores) in Boston.  I got pretty spoiled with the produce situation in Phoenix, so I appreciate a variety of fresh produce all the more.  Hooray for fresh fruits and vegetables!

2.  Hummus.  Theirs is the best, and it's darn cheap.  The original and roasted red pepper are my favorites.

3.  Vegan baked goods.  They carry cakes, cookies, cupcakes, and all sorts of other yummy treats.  I even found vegan ruggelah!

4.   Vegetable sushi.  It's delicious and far cheaper than take-out.  I pick some up on a weekly basis, and it makes a great dinner.

5.  365 Brand items, in general.  The Whole Foods store-brand items are really quite good.  I really like their chips, in particular.

6.  Pizza dough.  Kind of random,  but their pizza dough is great.  There are a few varieties, it's cheap, and it doesn't disappoint.

I don't do all of my shopping at Whole Foods, but I stop by if I'm looking for any of these items. Each time I go in there, I usually come out with at least one new thing to try, since there are plenty of other vegan prepared soups and salads and made-to-order meals at the counter. Although I won't be buying the vegan "chick'n salad" anytime soon.  So snarky.

They've also got a great Pinterest board going, and there are vegan recipes on the main website.  I like it.

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  1. Wow, that's a great list! I knew that the store had great selection, but the variety is just amazing! I do hope they have some special ingredients required in some of my recipes. And I'll definitely try their pizza dough out myself; the way you described them sounds tempting.