Monday, March 10, 2014

Being Vegan is Fun

According to Blogger, someone found this site by Googling "being vegan is fun."  I like it.  Maybe that should by my new slogan.  Seeing that made me think of my post "When Being Vegan Isn't Fun," which, for whatever reason, caused a huge reaction within just a few hours.  Now, this entire blog is about the multitude of ways being vegan is terrific, but the one time I'm in a snarky mood and write a tongue-in-cheek post, the entire world checks out the blog.  Gosh. 

I made this Wordle to encompass some of the reasons I love being vegan.  I even became really savvy and learned how to use the Snippet tool in order to include it here. 

However, this graphic doesn't begin to convey all of the great experiences I have had all because I started reading books like The Kind Diet and Eating Animals and one day decided to go vegan.  Most of this stuff doesn't even make it to this blog, because it's just part of my daily reality.  There was the first time I tried to bake a vegan cake and it looked like two pancakes with some frosting slapped on top, but somehow tasted fine.  There was the afternoon my brother and I found a vegan restaurant run by hippies in Sedona, complete with a psychedelic van and gigantic flowers straight out of the 70's painted all around the perimeter of the parking lot.  We ate some really tasty raw desserts that day.  There was the birthday when my entire family came together to attempt grilling pizza.  Everyone had a job, from transferring the dough onto the grill to adding the sauce and vegetables, and while some of the dough ended up dripping through the grates on the first try, some of the vegetables landed on the patio, and I yelled at everyone, the pizza was fantastic and nobody will soon forget that cooking experience.   There were the vegan Thanksgivings with friends in Phoenix, when we weren't sure the meal would be acceptable without animal ingredients, and ended up feasting on vegetables and vegan stuffing for days.  There was the time I dragged my friend to the vegetarian food festival and after getting lost driving around Roxbury for an hour we found ourselves in a gym so jam-packed with veg-enthusiasts that we both felt claustrophobic but still scored some delicious vegan canolis.  There were all the meals I cooked with my roommate as a guinea pig.  I like to think they were all delicious, but I can't be sure.

I call these my vegan adventures.  Adventures in cooking, baking, seeking out new restaurants, trying colorful and creative vegan dishes, and living outside the box.  Being vegan is fun.  You should try it.


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