Thursday, March 6, 2014

Amy's Kitchen

I'm really not big into frozen food.  In college I was kind of obsessed with curly fries, but that seems like ages ago.  I have no idea why people would eat frozen vegetables when they can buy fresh ones.  My freezer literally contains some ice trays, meals I've cooked in large batches and then frozen to eat throughout the week, and a few burritos from Amy's Kitchen.  Speaking of which, does anyone else love Amy's Kitchen?  All of their products are vegetarian and made from real, organic ingredients, and there are lots of vegan choices.  Amy's products can be found in many grocery stores throughout the country, and they are generally not too pricy.  I had no idea how many products the company actually offered until I perused the website.  I have a few favorites which are pretty much a staple in my diet during busy weeks.

1.  Bean and Rice Burrito - Non-Dairy
I eat two or three of these per week, and I've been doing so for years.  I just never tire of these things.  I bring them to work when I'll be there late so I can be sure to have a decent dinner. They're the

2.  Indian Samosa Wrap
Sometimes I eat these instead of the bean burritos if I want to switch things up a bit.  There's tofu inside and I actually like it.  Yes, I'm vegan and I don't really like tofu.

3.  Organic Lentil-Vegetable Soup (low sodium)
I'm not a big fan of soup, but I do love this variety, and it really hits the spot.

4.  Roasted Vegetable Pizza
It's just so good, and I can eat it for dinner over two nights.

Here's a list of all the vegan products Amy's Kitchen offers.  What a great company!

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