Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Vegan Beauty Revisited

Awhile back I wrote about some vegan beauty products which are currently on the market.  Since that time I've done a much better job of using only cruelty-free, vegan bath and beauty products, so I will go ahead and recommend the best I have tried. As I've said before, going vegan is a process.  You shouldn't feel badly if you don't have it all figured out at once.  I've been vegan for close to four years and I'm constantly evolving and discovering new things about this lifestyle.  That's kind of what this blog's about.

Tom's of Maine
For whatever reason I thought this toothpaste must be fake for some time.  Then one day I was at the grocery store and I actually picked up a tube and read the label. It looked something like this:

That was enough convincing for me.  Once I got over that mental hurdle, I discovered that the company also makes mouthwash, floss, and several types of soap.  I'm currently a fan of the daily moisture beauty bar with olive oil  and Vitamin E.  Also, the soap isn't the weird kind that doesn't lather.  I'm now a huge proponent of Tom's. 

I discovered this shampoo when I was visiting my parents and found it in their shower.  These chemical-free products are not tested on animals and from what I can tell, most do not contain any animal products.  I'm currently using the Argon Oil shampoo, and it has left my hair quite smooth and silky.  The bottle states that Renpure products are tested on "The Redmond's," which leads me to imagine a family testing haircare products on each other in some kind of basement laboratory.  The website looks legit, though.

Bath and Body Works
The jury is out on this one.  I love Bath and Body Works.  Their bottles state that the products are not tested on animals.  They do not have the vegan label because some of the products do contain animal products.  I read the labels and make sure I'm not buying any of those.  I'm a huge fan of Forever Sunshine, even in the winter.  This vegan smells great.

The All Natural Face gets the praise it deserves
I mentioned this vegan cosmetics company which operates out of Framingham, MA about a year ago.  Once I started using this stuff I threw away all of my other products and never looked back.  The first day I started using the powder foundation I walked into work and people kept stopping me to say that I was "glowing" and asking me what makeup I was using.  I've had a skin problem that started when I was thirteen.  The moment I started using the products Crystal at the All Natural Face recommended, my face miraculously started clearing up.  I use the strawberries and cream face food cleanser, vegan oil makeup remover, powder foundation, and even their lip gloss.  I don't use any type of soap or moisturizer on my face at all.  It's unbelievable the effect these products have had on my face.  I've also tried the lavender raw sugar scrub, which has left my skin feeling super soft.  Oh, and the products are very affordable.  I could go on and on about this company.  Try it for yourself.

If you want more information about cruelty-free products, I suggest visiting MyBeautyBunny.com, a fantastic blog with lots more recommendations.  Besides the fact that harming animals so that we can look and smell nice is an ugly concept, it's important to know what's in the products that you're using every day on your body.  Stay away from products that are tested on animals - it's completely inhumane- and stay informed about what you're using on your skin, for the love of Pete (or PETA)!

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