Friday, January 10, 2014

Sweet Grass Grill - Tarrytown, NY

This week I went to a conference with some of my coworkers in Tarrytown, New York, which is just north of Manhattan, right on the Hudson.  Irving's "Legend of Sleepy Hollow" is set here, and notable former residents include Mark Twain and Bruce Jenner.  Yup, I just included them both in the same sentence.  I grew up on Long Island but I had never been to Tarrytown before.  It's a 3 1/2 hour drive from Boston, and I felt stressed out about the trip because one can never be sure that there will be anything vegan to eat when traveling.  I therefore did some research and found out that there was a vegan-friendly restaurant just around the corner from the hotel - Sweet Grass Grill.  The website states "Sweet Grass Grill is a casual restaurant serving local and seasonal food right in the heart of Tarrytown. With relationships with about a dozen local farms, the menu at Sweet Grass Grill varies week to week depending on the daily harvests."  Sounded perfect.

The restaurant is located on Main Street, which is lined with little shops and was decorated with lights, giving it that quaint feeling you would expect from a small town in upstate New York.  There was also a parking lot right next to the restaurant, which was quite convenient.  Living in Boston has definitely made me appreciate a decent parking situation.

The menu included several vegan options-- vegan shepard's pie, multiple salads, and a black bean burger.  There were also many traditional items on the menu, which my coworkers appreciated.  I often debate to myself the merits of a mixed menu versus a completely vegan establishment.  I think it's great to expose people to vegan dishes, but it seems like if meat is available, it's what the omnivore is going to order no matter what.  I've been to lots of vegan restaurants that my non-vegan friends have really enjoyed, so to me, if you're going to go vegan, why not go all the way?  Anyway, that wasn't the mission of this restaurant, it's my own personal agenda.  I ordered the black bean burger with sweet potato fries and everyone else ordered chicken or salmon.  I also had a lovely glass of organic Pinot Grigio and for dessert a vegan mousse.  All of the food was delicious.  The black bean burger seemed to incorporate tofu and was served without a bun.  One thing I appreciated was that the portions weren't gigantic so I didn't feel overly full and was still able to partake in dessert.  Also, The Head and the Heart was on the playlist - love that band.  Overall, I would recommend the place if you happen to be in the area.

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