Friday, January 3, 2014

New Year Musings

My (smart, slightly sarcastic) 16-year-old brother does not understand the concept of New Year's resolutions ("Why wait until a particular day to do the things you want or improve your life?").  I agree with him on some level, but I also see January 1st as a moment for reflection on the past 365 days and on what the next 12 months should be about.  So while I won't include the specific ideals I personally hope to embody in 2014, cheers to peace, happiness, and expanding horizons in the new year.

That being said, I believe going vegan would be a great new year's resolution --  clearly.  I'm approaching my four year anniversary of vegetarianism in February.  Changing the way you eat fundamentally alters the way you live.  The other day I ate a delicious vegan cookie, and the wrapper pointed out that no other dietary choice you can make has a greater impact.  Be still my heart --  yes.  The best way to make a difference is by exemplifying what you believe-- refusing to participate in animal cruelty, reducing your carbon footprint, eating local, organic produce, living simply so that others might live.  Even if you could not care less about any of those issues (I'll suspend my disbelief), the profound impact that veganism has on one's physical and emotional well-being is huge.  You will never feel better than you will on a plant-based diet.  You will try new foods and learn about amazing restaurants that you have walked past every day for years.  You will make new friends who are also vegan (really, it's true!) You will educate yourself about what you put into your body and live according to a set of values which permeates all you do. If that doesn't convince you, hey, even Beyonce and Jay-Z are doing it.

Happy New Year.


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