Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Gourmet Vegan Cookies

Cookies are my weakness - I'm the vegan cookie monster.  However, they are not my favorite thing to bake. My oven is quite small and will not accommodate a full cookie sheet, so multiple batches are always required.  Minimalistic baking projects like loaf cakes are therefore a better fit for my current kitchen situation.  Wherever I go, though, I'm always on the lookout for an amazing vegan cookie.  Here are three gourmet vegan cookie companies that are out of this world wonderful.

This Chick Bakes
This company operates out of NYC and carries a variety of vegan and gluten free cookies, along with the traditional variety.  I found them at The Tiger Lily Cafe (Port Jefferson, NY), and they are carried at various stores throughout the city and Connecticut.  Of course, you can order online, so no worries if you're not in the area.  My favorite is the vegan peanut butter chocolate chunk cookie.  Chewy and filled with chocolate chunks.  Nom Nom Nom. 

Alternative Baking Company
I discovered these cookies one day at Whole Foods and immediately fell in love.  I tried the Phenomenal Pumpkin Spice cookie, and it was, well, phenomenal.  In addition, the package points out that "No single food choice has a farther-reaching and more profoundly positive impact on the health, the Environment, and all of life on Earth than choosing vegan."  Wow!  There is nothing better than eating an amazing cookie and simultaneously supporting a company that shares my life philosophy.  Alternative Baking operates out of Sacramento and also carries a line of gluten free cookies..  You can order online, as long as you buy at least three cookies.  If you "like" their page on Facebook, you might win some free cookies.  Do it!

Liz Lovely
With a slogan like "baking a difference," how could anyone not love these cookies, "baked in the mountains of Vermont straight from our heart to your tummy." So cute.  So delicious.  These are probably my favorites.  Liz Lovely's cookies are sold throughout the country and are carried in stores all over Boston.  I've seen them at Star Market and Life Alive.  My favorites are the Triple Chocolate Mint cookies - they are sold two in a package, and it's hard to save one for later.  There are nine other varieties.  Order online with a minimum purchase of $24.  You will not be disappointed. 

What are your favorite vegan cookies?

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