Saturday, January 18, 2014

Crazy Beans - Miller Place, NY

There are not too many places to hang out in my parents' neck of the woods on Long Island.  That's why everyone got so excited when Crazy Beans opened in Miller Place.  It's a coffee shop and bar with good food and a lovely atmosphere - woah.

I heard about Crazy Beans from my brother, who had gone there to play at an open mic night.  That's another thing - open mic night?  Comedy night?  Live music?  Trivia?  Places like these abound in Boston and also where I lived in Phoenix.  The owner, Callie, opened a place which would be typical elsewhere, but has filled a huge void around these parts.  Speaking of the owner, she is SO nice.  I know her by name because every time I go to Crazy Beans, she's working and takes the time to have a conversation.  The last time I went, I didn't realize it was cash only and she told me to enjoy my meal and pay later.  What.

The interior of Crazy Beans is eclectic.  There's an assortment of interesting chairs and paintings and paper chains hanging from the ceiling, which is tiled in black and white.  People of all age groups are chatting, enjoying coffee in weird mugs or tea in mason jars.  There's a bar with local wines and beers.  There's a variety of baked goods and an extensive food menu.  The vegan option is the veggie wrap (without cheese), which is kind of spicy and includes avocado (my fave).  My brother had a gigantic grilled cheese (not vegan) with green apples - he was in love.  I've also gone in there and ordered a hot chocolate with soy milk on a frosty winter night - not all places offer the soy option.

Anyway, Crazy Beans is a fun place to meet up with friends and the food is great.  The one downside is that it's kind of small and gets packed pretty quickly.  Also, I've heard they have a delicious brunch, but I don't think there are any vegan options on that menu.  But who am I to complain.  I recommend going for lunch and seeing who you bump into.

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