Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Book Review: Beg

I would say I do a decent amount of reading about animal welfare.  A few months back I read Rory Freedman's Beg: A Radical New Way of Regarding Animals.  Freedman's Skinny Bitch has long been regarded as a manual of sorts in terms of the health benefits of a vegan lifestyle.  She has a way of writing which is accessible while taking on a no-nonsense tone - otherwise known as real talk.  She portrays the loving relationship she has with her dogs while also providing graphic descriptions of the suffering animals endure at the hands of humans.  This dichotomy forces the reader to examine why a select group of animals deserve our affection while it is somehow acceptable for others to bear abuse, torture, and death so that we can make movies, look trendy, and eat steak.  This book delves into animal cruelty in many facets of society, covering the big topics like puppy mills, animals in the entertainment industry, clothing, and the food industry, while also addressing common practices like de-clawing cats, health problems in purebred dogs, and the abandonment of pets.  There are many parts of the book that are not easy to read.  What I appreciate is that by the end, you, the reader, feels empowered as an individual to make a difference with your new-found knowledge.

Freedman writes,

"Researching this left me sick, angry, and devastated."

"But this is real, this is happening, and you need to know.  So try to hang in there if your brain is slipping."

"For me, the V-word means compassion and a willingness to put principles above desires.  But I know that for many people, veganism and vegetarianism mean something else-- something weird and annoying and radical and fringe.  Veganism never hired a good publicist, so some people think it's lame, creepy, or miserable."

Whether you're an animal advocate and already consider yourself informed, or admittedly don't know much about this subject, you must read this book.  It will renew your passion for animals or open your eyes to their exploitation.

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