Saturday, December 21, 2013

Vegan Knitting and Holiday Baking

No posts since September - time really flies.  I haven't been doing much cooking, but I've been knitting and baking a ton.  Here are some of my favorite recipes of late:
To my delight, one of my co-workers baked vegan sugar cookies this week, and they were out of this world with vanilla frosting.  Here's the recipe for those yummy vegan Christmas cookies - it's quite simple, which is the best part, besides how good the cookies are.

As I mentioned, I've taken up knitting.  I learned the basics just four lessons at Stitch House Dorchester, and after that I started using YouTube videos and Pinterest patterns to make gifts for everyone in my family.  This holiday season I tried my best to avoid commercial Christmas.  It's far more pleasant to sit at home knitting than to be standing in line at the mall. My challenge has been to find to vegan yarn, since most of the local knit shops sell wool, angora, merino, and various other blends.  I did some research on the wool industry, and I'm not interested in wearing a scarf that represents sheep being tortured.  There are plenty of alternative fibers - it just requires some extra leg-work.  Fake Sheep is a blog about vegan knitting with lots of info about various alt fibers.  As always, living the veg life makes things a bit more challenging, but it's all part of being the change. 

Have yourself a vegan little Christmas.

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