Saturday, November 10, 2012

Vegan Thanksgiving Part 2

I've cooked a vegan Thanksgiving feast for the past few years, and it was simply fantastic.  Since I'm closer to New York this year, I'll be able to share Thanksgiving with my family for the first time in a long time, and I plan on blowing their minds with the magnificence of vegan holiday cooking.  They've agreed to go vegan for the day, so I'm going all out.  Last year I posted pictures here of the dishes that comprised our Thanksgiving spread. Since this time I've had the foresight to post about this in advance of the holiday, I'm including the recipes I'll be using, in case anyone else out there is looking for great ideas. I'm not down with the idea of tofurkey or a seitan roast, as frankly, each grosses me out.  Instead, I use my favorite vegetable and dessert recipes that put a new spin on traditional Thanksgiving dishes.

This Year's Menu:

A friend's recipe for amazing green beans (top secret!)

Apple-Almond Caramel Bake from Supermarket Vegan 

I have served these dishes to non-vegan company for the past few Thanksgivings, and this menu does not disappoint.  Now that you have the menu and recipes, it will be that much easier to celebrate a healthy and cruelty-free, yet delicious Thanksgiving.  

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Recent Vegan Finds

Adjusting to Boston and the new job have taken up all of my time over the past few months, and I have been quite neglectful of this blog.  My musings on this site are typically positive and upbeat, but I also have to admit that being vegan in a new city and with new groups of people can sometimes be frustrating.  Yes, there are times when the restaurant menu does not include anything vegan, and this seems to happen much more here than in Boston.  At work events, there might not be anything cruelty-free food choices, and one feels odd eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on whole wheat bread while every one else is devouring a fancy catered meal.  However, standing up for what you believe in is not always easy, and so the determined vegan carries on.

That being said, I have enjoyed some interesting vegan finds lately.  First I must mention Peace o' Pie Gourmet Vegan Pizza shop, located on Cambridge Street in Allston.  My brother and I tried the Neapolitan pizza, which includes fresh basil,tomato slices, and organic tofu ricotta.  I usually stay away from fake cheese, but we both enjoyed this pizza quite a bit.  This place also sells all kinds of calzones, sandwiches, and vegan desserts.  It's very hipster and within walking distance of my apartment.  Yummy.

Next up, I attended the Boston Vegetarian Food Festival, which my friend described as Disney World for vegetarians/vegans.  There were so many vendors!  I walked away with a list of thirty-five vegetarian and vegan restaurants in and around Boston.  I ate a vegan cannoli and signed lots of petitions for groups campaigning against various forms of animal cruelty.  The event was quite crowded, albeit enjoyable - and just when I thought I was one of the only vegans in Boston!

Finally, today I stumbled across a hilarious tumbler page - "You Know You Are A Vegan When..."  Here you will find sarcastic reflections on what it's like to be a vegan on a daily basis.  I was laughing pretty hard because a lot of it resonated with me.  Check it out.

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