Thursday, July 26, 2012


I was pretty sad about leaving Nami behind in Phoenix, and was certain I wouldn't find a vegan ice cream shop quite as amazing in Boston.  Now I'm here to say (or write) that I'm obsessed with a little place called FoMu, which is within walking distance of my apartment.  FoMu (faux moo - get it?) serves coconut-based, agave-sweetened hard ice cream and smoothies, and has lots of unique flavors.  There's avocado, blueberry bread, and cake batter, to name a few of the flavors.  I went twice just this week, and there were different flavors on the board each time.  There's a variety of vegan toppings- gummy bears, sprinkles... the usual, and homemade hot fudge and whipped cream.  So good.  The mint carob chip with hot fudge is my favorite, and it's ohmygosh heavenly.  You can try out any of the flavors before you decide what you want, which is also a plus.  The employees are friendly and knowledgeable about what they're scooping.  Oh, and apparently Tobey Maguire visited last week.  I'm psyched to have this place in my neighborhood. 

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