Thursday, March 15, 2012

Food Trucks and Banana Bread

A Blog Entry, In Two Parts:

Part I: Food Trucks

Yesterday afternoon I finally tried out the food trucks at the Phoenix Public Market.  The Open Air Market is open on Wednesdays and Saturdays, but I had never been on a Wednesday before.  It's a bit different because there are less vendors and the food trucks set up around the perimeter.  There are lots of tables and chairs set up.  There was also live music right in the center, instead of on the outside.  The food trucks were as follows:

BuzznBeez Good Food Truck- soul food
Jamburritos Cajun Grille Express
Mojo Bowl - smoothies, shaved ice, and handmade pretzels
Pizza People
Q Up! - smoked meats, nachos, tacos, and sandwiches
Short Leash Hot Dogs -  gourmet hot dogs
Zone Lambay Concepts LLC - Filipino Street Food

There a number of different vegan options.  Jamburritos offered a veggie bowl.  Pizza People created custom-made pizzas, complete with vegan cheese.  Short Leash Hot Dogs had a vegetarian hot dog, but I'm not convinced that it was vegan.  I went with a vegan dish from the Filipino food truck, which involved rice, spinach, coconut milk, and mung beans.  I had never heard of nor eaten mung beans before, but they were tasty.  

My favorite part of the whole thing was eating outside because the weather has been fantastic in Phoenix this week.  Oh, and of course the good company of friends!

Part II: Banana Bread

I had a few very ripe bananas sitting on the counter yesterday, so I decided to make banana bread.  It's one of my favorite items to bake, but oddly enough, I don't have one go-to recipe.  Instead, I use a different recipe each time, depending on the ingredients I have available.  This time I used a recipe from Post Punk Kitchen, for a "no frills" banana bread, which was exactly what I wanted.  All of the other recipes I have used from this site have given awesome results, and this one did not disappoint.  I substituted 1/4 cup apple sauce in for one of the bananas, since it called for three and I only had two, and it was still great.  If you are thinking about making banana bread in the future, try this recipe, whether or not you are vegan.  You won't even miss the butter or eggs.  Really. 

Blogger/Chef's Soundtrack: John Mayer - "Bold as Love"


  1. 1. As much as Arizona often scares me, I'd love to be able to go to an open air market in March and not freeze! Our weather has been crazy-nice lately, but not that nice!

    2. I'm going to try that banana bread recipe. You know I love butter and eggs (those'd be the things I'd miss going vegan), but I'm going to take your word on it!

    1. 1. This is the only time of year I REALLY like in Phoenix.
      2. Yay!