Sunday, February 19, 2012

Chef Chloe's Vegan Cookie Dough Truffles

This weekend things, namely life, turned out differently than I had planned.  It suffices to say that I needed some junk food and an activity to get through Saturday.  Thankfully, not everything vegan is actually healthy, and I found a recipe for "Vegan Cookie Dough Truffles" on Chef Chloe's site.  I had tried some of her recipes before, and they were pretty super.  I kind of want to be her.

The recipe was for 45 truffles, but I only came out with 25, so maybe mine were just larger.  Also, I only used 8 ounces of baker's bittersweet chocolate, rather than the suggested 12 ounces, and I had exactly enough. The recipe was fun and easy, and I would definitely recommend it if you have kids, because they will enjoy creating the truffles and eating them!  As my students would say, these truffles were "bomb."  This recipe is now added to my list of favorite vegan desserts. 

Chef's Soundtrack:  Florence + The Machine - "Shake It Out"

"And given half the chance would I take any of it back
It's a fine romance but its left me so undone
It's always darkest before the dawn"

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