Saturday, November 26, 2011

Top Vegan Christmas Gifts

Thanksgiving is over, consumers have shopped their Black Friday hearts out, and the Christmas season is upon us.  This year I have been thinking about useful gifts to put on my list and to give to others.  I try to avoid the mall at all costs during the holiday season, so all of these can be purchased locally or online. 
  1. Veganomicon: The Ultimate Vegan Cookbook 
           This is the most comprehensive guide to vegan cooking, and includes
           250 recipes and tips for the kitchen. 

  1. BabyCakes Cookbook
Bomb recipes for the vegan with a sweet tooth.

  1. Gift card to Sprouts, Trader Joe’s, the local public market, or your friendly health food store
Nothing better than free groceries!

  1. Bountiful Baskets or your local equivalent
Find a co-op that distributes fruit once or twice per month or enroll in a service to have fruit delivered on a monthly basis.

  1. Gift basket of vegan food items
Some of the better vegan products can be a bit pricey, so a basket of animal-free items would be a fantastic gift.

  1. Animal-free beauty basket
Some products carry the vegan label, such as certain shampoos at LUSH.  Stores such as Trader Joe’s carry many vegan beauty products.  Just make sure that whatever you buy is vegan, and not just cruelty-free.

  1. A pair of vegan TOM’s
Practical and stylish!

  1. Vegetarian Times magazine subscription
Great recipes, shopping tips, and kitchen advice—it’s one of my favorite reads!

  1. A gift from a local business or craft fair
Lots of vegans appreciate locally produced or handmade gifts.  Plus, a gift like this can be much more special than one that could be purchased just anywhere.  If you don't have a local craft fair, you could even order something from Etsy

  1. A gift that passes the Good Guide filter for animal welfare
I have just added the Good Guide app to my iPhone and wow!  It allows you to scan bar codes and learn the “real deal” behind all kinds of products.  I highly recommend it for doing a background check on your holiday purchases.

Happy Holidays!

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